Business Process Analyst

afarax is hiring a Business Process Analyst for one of their clients ! 

We are a Belgian based Team with strong partnerships with Companies active in various business sectors and facing the challenges of the Digital Transformation. The concept is very simple : We meet and understand your expertise and ambitions and then introduce you to our client. We will also support you during all the stages of the application process to ensure your success.

The responsibilities

Advisors to Business Managers on the Liège & Brussels site, you are responsible for analyzing the operation of

any type of process and proposing improvements (simplification, blocking points, waste of time, unfulfilled objectives, etc.).

You manage the implementation of these improvements end-to-end in the form of projects.

Is this you ? The skills requires

Holder of a higher education or university degree, you have a minimum of 3 years of proven experience in a similar scope as well as in project management.

How we support you ?

CDI – Brussels or Liège
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