Project Manager Hygiene Cluster Infections – Freelance


afarax is looking for freelance consultants for a specific mission with a strong know-how in Change Project Management or Operations Management. We need your lights !

We are a Belgian based Team with a strong network of consultants and Companies active in various business sectors and facing the challenges of the Digital Transformation. The concept is very simple : Once you enter the ecosystem, you can access our projects and let us make your life a way easier.


The mission

Our client is looking for a skilled Project Manager Hygiene Cluster Infections who will perform the following duties :

(company, squad, centres, …). Analysing and linking of different data sets, looking up information in different systems available, and still assuring the helicopter view is delivered for the concerned parties. Ensure that the OSTs are set up and are in operational readiness.

reports on all levels, measuring the outcome and impact of all efforts.


and motivation is assured to conduct a qualitative delivery in an ongoing phase.


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