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Freelancer OR How to avoid horrible bosses.

Yet another movie reference that everyone can understand feel with. Yes horrible bosses, we all have had them and we all have that fraction of a thought, i'll be my own boss! But even with the right motivation it isn't always what it seems.

It's a scary big step and which always comes with overthinking. But as usual you have afarax as your rock, your savior with the list. The magical list with suggestions on how you can undertake maybe the biggest step of your life! We won't leave you to your fate, we're here to help you with your first baby 'freelance' steps!

1. The "what if" disorder

Like everyone else you're thinking about the consequences... You're a grown-up you're suppose to have responsibilities, you need to think further... you're too old to take risks, you're no long a teenager.

Wrong, wrong and wrong... It's great to plan your strategy well and think about all the risks about freelancing. But what's the big deal? No pain without gain right? Without any risk you'll never succeed and life is all about taking risks!

Of course you'll need a plan and think ahead but becoming a freelancer today isn't that hard!

You can do it online, all you need is an Idea, Name & a certificate of basic business knowledge.

2. Taxes? smish, i'm going to the Cayman islands!

Being your own boss, having your own company means you'll have to pay a lot for your self. You won't have that handy free insurance, dental care or Meal-vouchers. Also don't forget about the taxes. So please think hard enough about your prices and rates. Listen to your friends who are freelancers or consult of the many forums about it, Learn the market demands around the rates & your expertise.

Be wise & careful, because too high means not a lot of work and too low might put you into trouble. Analyse the market well enough, put your price out there and test the waters! And of course calculate everything well, nobody likes to be accused of fraud :)

3. You're a superhero now, a true chameleon!

You can fulfill your childhood dreams of being a superhero because as a Freelancer you'll be one! Say goodbye to 1 function as you'll wear many hats, HR, your own boss (jeej), the employee, Marketing dep, Sales... It may seems a lot but think on the positive side... You'll never get bored or do the same thing over & over again!

Be sure to manage all tasks well because your own company will be your baby! Your small precious money-eating present that needs a lot of time & comfort, so be wise and calculate your time. It takes a lot of time but don't forget your personal time!

4. Goodbye my sweet sweet boss

Saying goodbye to having a boss-like environment, a true fantasy but don't underestimate the situation. It's true you don't have a boss above you but you'll need to have a boss inside you. You will need to manage yourself, discipline yourself into completing the orders, doing the administration. It's a fun undertaking but all fun things also have a down side!

Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss but just don't loose yourself in the progress!

5. Hello sweet sweet advertising, hello Marketing

Yup it's true, being a freelancer means being a marketer! you'll need to network and sell your expertise. Before being a freelancer make sure the have the correct connections, know the right people because like the godfather himself you'll need a guy for everything!

Sell yourself, know your worth and of course advertise yourself. No it doesn't has to be the cheesy commercials..; The advantage of freelancing is being you! The best marketing plan is being unique and what is more unique than you? You're an individual, find what makes you unique and expose it to the world. Because with your drive, your strategical views you'll just may be the new inspiration source for the 'Wolf of Wall Street 2".

There are some things to consider but it's a fun road of full adventures! There isn't is a too young or too old in this world. If you feel like you have the stuff for it, go for it!! We'll support you no matter what!

More information about being a freelancer? check the page below:


Oh and if you've got other tips to consider, feel free to share!

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