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PENGO : Let's try it !

Updated: May 17, 2018

By Elisabeth B.

Hello spring and sunny days! With this lovely weather, eating out with your colleagues is more than welcome. After the long winter period you had, trust me it is well deserved!

Last week, I enjoyed a nice terasse in Chatelain area with 6 of my colleagues. We had an awesome moment but when it came to pay the bill we were all cashless and the nice waitress was already scared to make a "not that simple" calculation... Hopefully the bravest person (=me) agreed to pay for everybody, again...

Does it sound familiar? You want your friends to pay you back for once in the easiest possible way? Stop thinking on how to ask them over and over again and use our new friend Pengo! It will manage everything for you. Pengo was born at Belfius from unknown parents. It sends money request to your friends via your fav apps Messenger or WhatsApp (not to bother you with downloading a new app). I know what you're thinking but NO you don’t have to be a Belfius client to use it ! Even if we think that this Belgian Bank rocks.

WE LIKE : EASY, SAFE, FUN… This sounds really nice, right? I suggest you to try it and send your feedback! Note that Pengo is growing fast and many adjustments are running to make the best possible experience.

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